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Why I’m going cashless.

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I went to the grocery store today to pick up a few items.  I had been using cash for grocery purchases, and today was no different.  However, in light of recent developments of the coronavirus epidemic, I’ve been keenly aware of various ways that I could pick up germs.  As I  watched the clerk wipe his nose with his hands, then hand me back my change, I realized that using cash was not the best way to avoid germs.   (I washed my hands and wiped down the cash with lysol wipes when I got home.  YUCK.)

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Then I started thinking {light bulb moment] …who handled the cash before he did?  How sanitary were they?  I’ll never know.  Then I googled ‘how clean is paper money’ and was disgusted with what I found.  Read this article and you will never use cash again.

I’ll be paying with plastic from now on.  No more paper money.  As long as I can track my spending with my awesome YNAB budget system, I will be just fine.

Do you use cash?





11 thoughts on “Why I’m going cashless.”

  1. I usually use a card, but I will get money from the bank or cash back when I use the card. If this gets worse, I will order to pickup or order online. Your post was a good reminder of how nasty money is. thanks.


  2. Sometimes- in fact I took out $500 yesterday because I’m doing the 52 week challenge and i will be gifting grandsons for Valentine’s Day. I don’t worry about germs though- it’s a rare day that I get sick and I figure I am not wearing gloves anytime soon. Now if someone is visibly sick in front of me, I do use common sense.


  3. I rarely use cash. Only when I go out to lunch or happy hour with friends do I try to have it on hand so we can easily split the bill but even then we often get separate checks because one or all of us didn’t have cash. I also try to keep some small bills on hand to participate in the office lottery pool – LOL!


  4. Interesting thought, Sharon, I use cash for groceries and hadn’t thought of that. I do always wash my hands right away when I get home from the grocery store. Especially this time of the year.


    1. In light of everything going on, extra precaution (washing hands often) should be taken. To be honest, I enjoy using cash, but love getting my cash back rewards using my card.


  5. Although I am old-fashioned and still use checks for some bills, I also don’t use cash much any more. Weeks go by without my using any cash. Having said that, I think the option should still be there, because there are people who are unbanked and people who don’t use cards for various reasons.


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