January’s Review and my 2020 YEAR OF SAVINGS begins.

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If you search my blog, you will see I deleted everything about a No Buy Year.  I’m not interested any more.  It felt punitive, and I felt like a copy cat.

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I’m much more interested in saving money, than spending less.  I know one begets the other, but I will automatically spend less if I save more, right?  MORE SAVINGS = Less spending, so why nickle and dime my daily spending?

My 2020 Year of Savings is now in full force, and January’s numbers prove it.

  • Amount sent to savings:  $2500.00
  • Extra sent to my mortgage: $3000.00

Yep, this feels much more positive than beating myself up for purchasing a lipstick.

Still accomplishing the ‘why’, but in a more upbeat, positive way.  Anyone else with me?